RASC Award Winners 2023


The RASC awards a number of honours each year to promote and advance astronomy in Canada.

President’s Award 

This award is given at the President’s discretion, usually once a year, to a member or members who has/have made an important contribution to the Society.

Qilak Award

The Qilak Award recognizes individuals or groups that have made an outstanding contribution to the understanding and appreciation of astronomy in Canada.

Simon Newcomb Award

This award is given for excellence in astronomical writing by an RASC member.

Ken Chilton Prize 

The Ken Chilton Prize is awarded for a specific piece of astronomical research or work carried out or published recently.

Service Awards

The RASC Service Award is a major award of the Society given to a member in recognition of outstanding service to the Society and/or a Centre, rendered over an extended time of at least 10 years.