Astrophotos & Citizen Science Posters

Astrophotography Submissions

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Citizen Science Posters

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Nebula Astrophotography

by Anika Singh, Maria Villamor, Paige Kubecki & Tahlia Breder

of John Abbot College

Biodiversity on the ISS

by Merola Seif, Gurleen Kaur Singh, and Gabrielle Panet-Raymond

of John Abbot College

Spectral Analysis of Stars

by James Alarcon, Vanessa Tomassini, and Calvin Zullo

of John Abbot College

Astrophotography of Nebulae

by Charles Morin, Nabil Ibarissen, Udayjit Singh, and Alexandru Finca

of John Abbot College

Citizen Science Global Meteor Network

By Don Hladiuk & the RASC, Calgary Centre P.A.R.S.E.C. Group

P.A.R.S.E.C. = Promoting Amateur Research and Scientific Exploration of the Cosmos


by Roland Dechesne DECHESNE

RASC Light Pollution Abatement Committee


High Resolution Planetary Imaging From Your Backyard

by Rouzbeh Bidshahri

I spent several years trying to improve my planetary imaging technique and wanted to share some experiences that readers may find helpful.

Information that will help imagers achieve what is known as High Resolution Planetary Imaging. Amateur astronomers can now capture stunning details of the planets better than a professional large Earth-based telescope could not so long ago.

Indifferent ET: Collaborating on the Search for Serendipitous Technosignatures

 by Timothy Quinn

Timothy Quinn, founder of the Dark Data Project and a member of RASC’s Toronto chapter, discusses the Technosignature Research Portal (, which aggregates research on the search for “serendipitous” technosignatures. Tim discusses TRP’s classification system, research trends and opportunities for RASC members to help contribute new research and propose alternative astronomical projects for the Dark Data Project.

Looking Up! The True Apparent Sizes of Multiwavelength Worlds

By Tom Vassos

This presentation is the culmination of two years/1,000+ person-hours of research, and the results are being published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific this fall in a book. Tom Vassos is the Founder of, author of the book “The Ultimate Guided Tour of the Universe,” and guest expert on GlobalTV.